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Bills, Kyle Williams Confirm Contract Talks Are Ongoing

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Nearly a week ago,'s Jason La Canfora reported that the Buffalo Bills and veteran defensive tackle Kyle Williams were in discussions to extend the Pro Bowler's contract. Yesterday, that news was confirmed by Williams and by the Bills themselves, with Williams commenting on the situation.

"It means a lot to me that everybody passed on me four times but the fifth time these guys didn't get it wrong," Williams told reporters on Wednesday. "So I want to be here. But as far as all the contract stuff, it's early, they're just talking and we'll see where it goes."

As it stands now, Williams - Buffalo's best player at any position - is not even the highest-paid defensive lineman on the team, an honor bestowed upon No. 3 overall draft pick Marcell Dareus, whose entire $20.4 million deal is guaranteed. The extension Williams signed in 2008 only guaranteed the former LSU star $5.7 million; it's very possible that a new deal could guarantee him as much as Dareus received.