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Explaining Rex Ryan's Ties To Former Bills OLB Aaron Maybin

Aaron Maybin is signed, sealed and delivered as the newest member of the New York Jets, and he's already plotting revenge on his former team, the Buffalo BillsWell, sort of.

While we wait to see if Maybin even makes the Jets' final roster, let alone earns enough playing time to be a factor in Jets games against the Bills, we thought we'd re-visit the backstory to Maybin's relationship with Jets head coach Rex Ryan - a history that got him a new job.

As we discussed prior to a Week 4 meeting between these two teams last season - aided by Chris Brown of - Ryan's children attended the same high school as Maybin did in Baltimore, where Ryan spent a decade in various coaching positions with the Ravens.

"When he came out of high school I thought he was the real deal," Ryan said of Maybin last September. "Even at Penn State I think he does have pass rush skills. He’s got an outstanding get-off, he can turn the edge on you. The production isn’t there initially, but you’ve got to be patient with the guy and Chan knows that. It’s probably just a matter of time before that kid turns the corner."

Clearly, Ryan still holds that belief - but now if it happens, it'll be on his own football team.