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Chan Gailey Happy With Alex Carrington At OLB

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Of all of the various personnel decisions that the Buffalo Bills have made this year in training camp, none have been as curious as the decision to play the 6'5", 304-pound Alex Carrington at outside linebacker. Drafted in the third round last year to be a defensive end in the team's 3-4 defense, Carrington is now being used as a stand-up pass rusher and run stuffer in George Edwards' hybrid defense.

Bills head coach Chan Gailey seems very pleased with the results to this point.

"He's doing a really nice job of rush outside," Gailey said of Carrington on Wednesday night. "You're only going to show him every now and then dropping - that's not what he does - but you do it just enough to create indecision sometimes. He's a big load on the edge, and he's got good speed for a man his size. He's been an interesting project during the course of camp thus far."

It's still not clear if the team will be using Carrington more on the line or at his new position once the games start to count. Either way, "interesting project" doesn't do it justice; Carrington may very well be the heaviest outside linebacker in the NFL.