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PFT: Bills Still $26.5M Under 2011 Salary Cap

Over the past week, the Buffalo Bills have handed out a reported $42 million in contracts to free agents Drayton Florence, Brad Smith and Nick Barnett. They also signed a slew of rookies - including giving a guaranteed $20.4 million deal to Marcell Dareus - and signed Tyler Thigpen to an undisclosed contract. The Bills haven't been big spenders, but they haven't exactly been frugal, either.

Even after all of that, Pro Football Talk reports that the Bills are still more than $26.5 million under the 2011 salary cap of $120.4 million.

PFT also notes that previous reports that the Bills needed to reach a salary floor this season were erroneous; the Bills are not obligated to spend up to a specific portion of the cap in 2011. (All 32 teams combined must spend a certain amount, however.) The Bills could still spend more if they so wish; they do have one remaining roster spot to fill, and there are several candidates for early contract extensions, as well.