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Tim Graham: C.J. Spiller May Be Bills' RB Of Choice

Tim Graham may no longer be covering the AFC East for, but he still occasionally drops Buffalo Bills-related gems at his Twitter account. The latest of those gems: a tweet last night conveying the fact that he's heard that the Bills may prefer C.J. Spiller to Fred Jackson at running back.

Naturally, that set off something of a roar within a fan base that reveres Jackson and remains skeptical of Spiller after a lackluster rookie season. Then Spiller, who got the start in Denver, went out and rushed for 10 yards on six carries, while Jackson picked up 34 yards on just four runs.

This all makes for interesting chatter, but in the long run, this debate won't matter. Both of these players are integral parts of Chan Gailey's offensive game plan heading into the regular season. Jackson is a highly reliable runner and pass protector that can make plays as a receiver. Spiller is a versatile threat that defenses must pay attention to. Regardless of a perceived pecking order, both of these players are going to be on the field - a lot. Keep that in mind, and who goes first becomes much less significant.