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Buffalo Rumblings Fantasy Football: Last Call

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This, dear readers of Buffalo Rumblings, is your last call to play fantasy football with your favorite bloggers this season.

The "official" league of Buffalo Rumblings has been set, and we'll be holding our draft sometime next week. I know that other leagues with Rumblers have been established; if the commissioners of those leagues would be so kind as to email me with the screen names of the players in your leagues, I'd be very appreciative. We're looking to highlight the weekly activities of all blog-affiliated leagues on our front page this year.

For those of you who expressed interest in playing fantasy football with us this year and have not yet joined a league, this is your last chance. If you're willing, step forward as a commissioner and find some Rumblings buddies right here in the comments section to get a league going. I can make myself available to assist the organizational effort as needed, as well. Let's get as many leagues up and running as we can, folks!

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