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Forgotten Bills: Five Buffalo Players Having A Quiet Pre-Season

Every year, it seems like each NFL team has one or two players that, for one reason or another, are very quiet during pre-season play when they're not expected to be. Thanks to a variety of circumstances, the Buffalo Bills have at least five such players this year.

Offensively, Roscoe Parrish has been notably absent from the team's aerial attack, but that's been due to a nagging hamstring injury. More curious has been the quiet pre-season for David Nelson, a slot receiver coming off of an excellent rookie season, but who has been passed up on the depth chart and barely played in pre-season games. Either Chan Gailey and the coaches are saving Nelson for the regular season, or they're worried about the respiratory ailment that caught up with him early in camp.

Geoff Hangartner was the starting center last season, but has been stuck with the second-team all summer, and hasn't made waves doing so. More players have been quiet thanks to injuries, such as tight end Shawn Nelson and rookie cornerback Justin Rogers.

Who else would you say has been too quiet this summer, folks?