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Bills Trying Andy Levitre Out At Left Tackle

Last week, Andy Levitre was suddenly fighting for his starting left guard job after 32 straight starts to begin his Buffalo Bills career. Now, he's seen his role reversed, as he's now the apparent challenger for the starting left tackle job that Demetrius Bell hasn't been able to lock down.

Levitre played left tackle at Oregon State, but most NFL teams saw him as a guard entering the 2009 NFL Draft thanks to his short, squatty stature and average lateral agility. He has experience protecting the edge as a pass protector, but may not have the athletic chops to do so against NFL speed and power. This shows you just how desperate the Bills are to provide Bell job competition, particularly given his struggles of late.

In the past three days (Saturday through Monday), Levitre has now lined up at left tackle, left guard and center for the Bills in practices and a pre-season game. If that doesn't convey just how much uncertainty there is for the Bills along the offensive line, I don't know what will. You were already aware of it, but things are a mess up front for Buffalo.