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Bills RB Fred Jackson Frustrated With Role In Buffalo

It's been a bad few days for Buffalo Bills running back Fred Jackson. He lost a pre-season start to C.J. Spiller, and questions are once again being asked about who the team's top running back. After years of putting up with the same behavior (regardless of regime), Jackson is unsurprisingly fed up.

"It's very frustrating," Jackson told The Buffalo News. "All I can do is continue to do what I've been doing. Hopefully, something changes."

Through two pre-season games in 2011, Jackson is averaging 7.4 yards per carry (7-52), and has shown well as a pass protector and receiver. Yet he's in danger of losing his starting job to Spiller, who is averaging 1.6 yards per carry (8-13) while showing little improvement in pass protection this pre-season. Who can honestly blame Jackson for being frustrated?

Chan Gailey practiced some damage control yesterday, though he did reportedly act surprised with Jackson's outwardly expressed frustration.

"I think probably the best way to talk about it right now is I think they’re both number one backs," Gailey told reporters after Monday's practice. "Fred is a little bit ahead right now, but I think they’re both number one backs."

Gailey had better be ready to back that talk up, because Jackson told the News that he'd explore requesting a trade if he had to. If you ask us, it's time that the Bills finally showed a little loyalty to one of its best and most marketable players.