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Buffalo Bills' Andy Levitre Appears Entrenched As Starter

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It's been a confusing week for Buffalo Bills offensive lineman Andy Levitre, but amidst the confusion, it appears that he's going to have a starting job somewhere along the Bills' offensive line. Chan Gailey confirmed as much on Tuesday when asked about his competition for the starting left tackle job.

"He’s the starting left guard," said Gailey. "If Demetrius (Bell) ends up being the guy at left tackle, he ends up going back to starting at left guard."

Between Saturday's pre-season game in Denver and Monday's practice, Levitre lined up at left tackle, left guard and center for the Bills. At first blush yesterday, it appeared that Levitre was fighting for two starting jobs - with Bell at left tackle, and with Chad Rinehart at left guard - with the possibility of losing both battles. That will not be the case, according to the head coach.

Gailey told reporters last week that he was giving Rinehart a shot at Levitre's job not because he was dissatisfied with Levitre's play, but because Rinehart had earned said shot. From the sound of it, however, it appears that the left guard competition is over, and that Levitre will definitely be starting somewhere for the Bills.