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Kyle Williams Contract Extension Could Be Pricy For Bills

Reports indicate that the Buffalo Bills are closing in on a lucrative contract extension with star defensive tackle Kyle Williams. Naturally, Bills fans are chomping at the bit to figure out exactly how much money, and how many years, said lucrative contract extension would entail.

Now, it's one thing for fans to do a little research and try to pinpoint a ballpark figure on what top players at a position are signing for. It's quite another to watch a conversation unfold between a reputable reporter (in this case, Jason La Canfora) and an NFL agent (in this case, David Canter). They conversed about Williams' potential deal Thursday night on Twitter, and the figures therefore carry much more legitimacy than anything we could've come up with.

Both men agreed that Williams was likely to get a five-year deal. Canter, the agent, said that Williams was worth between $8-9 million annually, but didn't think that the Bills would want to get up to $9 million; he then guessed that Williams would get a five-year, $40 million deal with $20 million guaranteed. La Canfora ended the conversation by saying that Williams would take slightly less total ($38 million) in exchange for slightly more guaranteed ($20-23 million).

Yes, this was just two dudes spitballing about contract parameters. It's far more interesting to discuss than, say, if MRW and I had done the same thing.