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Bills Training Camp: Brad Smith Creates Skill Depth Competition

When the Buffalo Bills inked quarterback, receiver and return specialist Brad Smith to a four-year, $15 million deal last week, we immediately began wondering which positional group this would take a number away from. Would the Bills need to cut one of its many talented young receivers to make room for Smith? What about a running back or a tight end? Or would a quarterback be on the outs?

Let's take a quick look at the back end of the depth chart at each position, and we'll let y'all cast your vote as to which player is the most likely to feel the greatest impact from the Smith signing. You'll find the poll after the jump.

QB: Smith is listed as a quarterback for the Bills, and when Tyler Thigpen returns to practice tomorrow, it'll push Levi Brown down the depth chart, and possibly allow Josh Nesbitt to switch positions. Brown, a seventh-round pick in 2010 out of Troy, was released prior to his rookie season, but brought back after the release of Trent Edwards.

WR: Smith's "other" position has five locks atop the depth chart. Other young, talented players, such as Naaman Roosevelt and Marcus Easley, will be vying for a sixth (and perhaps seventh) roster spot - unless Smith's presence causes Chan Gailey to view five receivers as sufficient depth. That's how they started the 2010 season, after all.

RB/TE: Though Smith's arrival shouldn't have much of an effect on these positions directly, if the Bills still see better depth at other positions, such as receiver, guys like Shawn Nelson could feel the pinch.

The poll is below. Which Bill is the most likely to be released with Smith now on the roster?