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Bills Training Camp: Handicap The TE Race (Poll)

The race to make the Buffalo Bills' roster as a tight end is on, and quite frankly, it's so wide open that you can pick any three of the contenders and present a reasonable argument for the Bills keeping those players. Naturally, that's exactly what we're asking you to do in this post.

Buffalo currently employs two block-first tight ends (David Martin, Scott Chandler) and three catch-first tight ends (Shawn Nelson, Mike Caussin, Zach Pianalto). It seems likely that the Bills will keep at least one of both types. From there, all bets seem to be off.

In the poll below, vote for the Bills tight end that you believe should open the season as the team's de facto starter. Once that's done, leave us a comment letting us know who you voted for, then throw down the names of the other two players you'd like to see the team keep. We expect this to be a fairly tight race in the poll, so state your case convincingly.