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Poll: Is It Too Early For Bills, Ryan Fitzpatrick To Talk Contract?

The subject of Buffalo Bills starting quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick getting a contract extension is not new discussion territory here at Buffalo Rumblings. Way back in May, I wrote an opinion piece stating that the Bills should be eager to extend Fitzpatrick - even though I guessed they wouldn't be. We've taken a look at what a contract extension might look like financially, both from the perspective of Fitzpatrick still being a short-term solution, and if he's good enough that he gets a long-term deal.

Now, Jerry Sullivan of The Buffalo News has emphatically joined the "pay Fitz now" bandwagon. In short, Sullivan argues that letting the popular Fitzpatrick play at a below-market price sends a bad message, and that Fitzpatrick has earned the bump simply by being an "attraction" on a team without many stars. It's an interesting argument, and one that I agree with in principle, but attack from a different angle.

For the record, Bills GM Buddy Nix told reporters in July that the team has already discussed extending Fitzpatrick. He ended that thought by saying it's his organizational philosophy to pay players that produce. Our question to you, Bills fans, is simple: is it too early for the Bills to begin negotiating a new deal for Fitzpatrick?