Bills Should Just Say No To Bad Grass

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Compounding the uncertainty of the preseason, lockout, et al is the headline from Chicago yesterday regarding the state of the playing surface at Soldier Field. Under the extreme heat in the Midwest, it appears the ground crew failed to "adequately water" the new sod recently installed. The result was a shrinking of the sod, opening up the seams and creating "cracks". It was so bad the Chicago Bears canceled their practice in the stadium that was to be attended by thousands of fans. The fans were turned away after the team arrived and deemed the field unplayable.

Who is scheduled to play the first preseason game on that parched earth? You know the answer. The question becomes what should the Buffalo Bills do? Given our penchant for injury as well as the use of common sense, if I were the front office, I'd look long and hard at the option of not playing the game. While the Chicago Parks District says it's "easily correctable", I would send an advance party to examine the field and determine its suitability. If unacceptable, stay home and tell the league 'no thanks'.

Both Brian Urlacher and Jay Cutler have openly criticized the field as unsafe. Do we want to risk injury to any of our players knowing there is a problem? Can we afford an injury to any of our players in what amounts to a meaningless game?

I hope the Bills do their homework and react accordingly. We don't need the season to be over before it begins.

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