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Report: Teams "Sniffing Around" Bills WR Lee Evans

Due to his statistically down 2010 season and the emergence of Stevie Johnson, Buffalo Bills wide receiver Lee Evans has been on the proverbial trading block for months - at least in the court of opinion. That rhetoric will reach another level today, as Dan Pompei of the National Football Post reports that teams interested in exploring a trade for Evans have been "sniffing around" the veteran receiver.

Which isn't much of a report, when you think about it. Any team can sniff around any other player in the league; it only matters if the Bills have interest in trading Evans, and Chan Gailey has spent the off-season talking up plans to get Evans more involved in the offense. Add in the fact that Pompei uses the Brad Smith signing - and subsequent crowding at receiver, where Smith isn't even practicing - as more evidence that Evans could be on the outs, and this smells like a whole lot of nothing.

In my opinion, you're making a mistake if you're holding your breath waiting for an Evans trade. It's not an impossibility, but it's not remotely likely, either.