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PFF: Bills Fans Won't Miss Donte Whitner

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It's long been obvious that the majority of Buffalo Bills fans were ready to move forward in their duties without feeling a tinge of regret that safety Donte Whitner was no longer part of the team. Whitner signed a three-year deal with the San Francisco 49ers last week, bringing an end to a disappointing and often bitter Bills career that was still, in some ways, undervalued by the fan base.

On the field, the folks at would like Bills fans to know that they've got an improvement coming in the form of Whitner's replacement, veteran George Wilson.

"It’s not just that Wilson can cover the loss of Whitner, it’s that he’ll be an upgrade if the way he played in 2009 is anything to go by," writes Khaled Elsayed. "While Whitner gave up six touchdowns on his way to a -3.4 grade last year, Wilson was actually our third ranked safety in 2009.

"All in all, Bills fan need not fret about Wilson stepping up," Elsayed finishes.

2009 may have been an aberration, however, as exemplified by the steep statistical drop for former Pro Bowl safety Jairus Byrd. Wilson, however, has long been a fan favorite, and the sentiment remains consistent: the Bills will be just fine without Whitner.