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Buffalo Bills, Roscoe Parrish Talking Contract, Per Report

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After the Buffalo Bills inked defensive tackle Kyle Williams to a six-year, $39 million contract extension last week, early reports indicated - and all logic dictated - that the team's next target for a long-term deal would be fourth-year receiver Stevie Johnson.

While the Bills may very well be talking with Johnson, we also know that the team has approached Roscoe Parrish about a contract extension. This comes from a Buffalo News report.

Parrish, 29, was on his way to a career season in 2010 before a wrist injury landed him on IR after eight games. With Lee Evans now in Baltimore, Parrish - entrenched as the team's slot receiver - has as good a chance as any younger player to become the team's de facto No. 2 receiver. He'll make a little over $1 million in base salary this year, and was also paid a $500,000 bonus when the new league year started.

As for Johnson: as far as we've heard from the receiver himself, there's nothing brewing. That's as of two weeks ago, however, well before Williams' deal was done. It's possible that the Bills are working on Johnson and Parrish simultaneously.