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Buffalo Bills' Chan Gailey Gets Props From Peter King

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Eyes are still popping at the sight of the Buffalo Bills' 41-7 opening day road victory over the Kansas City Chiefs this fine Monday morning, but one man who isn't completely surprised by Buffalo's early success is Peter King of Sports Illustrated. After talking up Buffalo for much of the abbreviated off-season, King gave his first Coach of the Week Award to Chan Gailey for the team's big Week 1 win.

"A year ago, the Bills lost in overtime to Kansas City," writes King in MMQB. "What a difference a season makes. The Bills dominated from the start, abusing Matt Cassel with some new defensive parts and pounding the Chiefs through the air and on the ground, and Gailey returned to the place where he was fired two years ago to embarrass the Chiefs and put early heat on the coach who decided he was expendable, Todd Haley."

King promises more on Buffalo tomorrow - but not before placing them at No. 9 in his "Fine Fifteen," as well. The hype train races forward full steam ahead, friends. It's better than most alternatives.