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Bills vs. Raiders: Oakland Traveling On Short Work Week

If Sunday's 41-7 win over the Kansas City Chiefs was a large, metaphorical and delicious hot fudge sundae to Buffalo Bills fans, then the circumstances surrounding their Week 2 opponent, the Oakland Raiders, is the proverbial cherry on top.

Buffalo hosts Oakland this Sunday, a team that played - and won - on Monday Night Football this week. As such, they're already a full day behind the Bills in preparing for Week 2; add in the fact that they're traveling three time zones east to play an early game, and you can see why many are giving the Bills an early advantage in this contest.

I asked Rich Langford of if this type of edge was overblown; while he answered in the affirmative, he also noted that the Bills could still be at an advantage.

"Since it is just the second week of the season, the short week does not concern me as much as would later in the year," said Langford. "The wear and tear on the body hasn't accumulated yet, and at this point in the season, it is more about teams playing their own game than it is game planning for a specific opponent.

"However," continued Langford, "short week or not, I am concerned about this team traveling east, or traveling anywhere if it is outside of their division. Last season the Raiders played five games on the road against non-division opponents. They were 0-5. And for the most part, they looked completely lost in those games. I have no idea what is at the root of this problem."