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Buffalo Bills' Fred Jackson Makes All-PFF Team, Week 1

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Earlier this week, we handed out our Buffalo Bills Week 1 game ball to running back Fred Jackson, who provided the necessary balance the offense needed to rip the Kansas City Chiefs for 41 points. In the contest, Jackson dipped, glided and darted his way to 112 rushing yards on just 20 carries.

To underscore just how good Jackson was in this contest, we'll point out that Jackson made's All-PFF Team for Week 1, where they also point out that Jackson got the nod over Chicago's Matt Forte (158 total yards and a TD against Atlanta) because of the fact that he forced a whopping eight missed tackles at Kansas City.

This is an aspect of Jackson's game that often goes overlooked - he's not just adept at breaking tackles after contact (which he demonstrated by carrying Brandon Flowers two yards on his back for a first down), but also by setting up defenders with ridiculous cuts to create running lanes that weren't there to begin with.

We'll leave you all to try to answer PFF's final question on whether or not Jackson is the most underrated back in the league.