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Bills vs. Raiders: Buffalo Must Limit Big Running Gains

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When the Buffalo Bills host the Oakland Raiders in a little over two days' time, the Bills and head coach Chan Gailey are expecting a much stiffer rushing challenge than they got from the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 1. What's the best way to go about stopping Oakland's rushing attack? According to one Raiders fan, body volume is Buffalo's best bet.

"Stack the box and force the Raiders to pass," suggested Rich Langford of "This passing game has been inconsistent at best - and when they can't feed off of the running game, the passing game has not proven it can win a game."

Against the Chiefs, the Bills were generally good against the run, but gave up some big gainers to the likes of Jamaal Charles and Dexter McCluster. That may be a trend that favors the Raiders.

"This is a big play run game, more than it is a consistent four or five yards on every carry attack," says Langford. "The Raiders like to wear defenses down and pop for big runs in the second half."

As such, it'll be important that the Bills, however they approach defending the run, stay very assignment sound.

"The Bills need to focus on filling the gaps," Langford concludes. "If Darren McFadden can get through the line clean, it is almost always going to be a big run."