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Who Are The Buffalo Bills' Boldest Fans?

This season, Guinness is sponsoring SB Nation's NFL blogs on game day Sundays - and they're also interested in learning more about the boldest fans from each fan base. That's where I bring this question to you, Buffalo Bills fans.

We're asking for nominations for the boldest Bills fans - and we're asking for it from two different angles. We want to know who you think is the boldest fan in the history of the Bills franchise, and we also want to know who y'all consider to be the boldest Bills fan here at Buffalo Rumblings. (We're expecting many, many votes for one or two revered posters here, but nominations can be taken from and for anyone.)

One more time: boldest Bills fan, period, and boldest Bills fan here at Buffalo Rumblings. Have at it, folks. Plenty to choose from.