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Buffalo Bills Tickets Gain 61 Percent Value On Secondary Market

If you're the type of Buffalo Bills fan that likes to purchase Bills tickets to games at Ralph Wilson Stadium on the secondary market, you'll feel good about this: according to a Forbes and TiqIQ study, the average Bills ticket sold on the secondary market goes for $95.52 - which, just like the team's ticket prices, are the lowest in the NFL.

The news is better if you're the type of Bills fan that likes to sell Bills tickets on the secondary market: on average, you're getting an additional 61 percent on top of face value for selling in that fashion. The average face value of Bills tickets is $59.19, per data pulled by Team Marketing Report.

In case you're curious, that 61 percent addition to face value ranks Bills tickets No. 23 in the NFL in terms of return on investment when selling tickets on the secondary market. Fans of a dozen different teams can more than double their money selling on the secondary market, while fans of the New Orleans Saints and Chicago Bears can actually triple their money.

All of this goes to prove something that y'all could have guessed: NFL tickets are an extremely valuable commodity.