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Three Young Buffalo Bills Riding Pre-Roster Cut Momentum

In discussing tomorrow's NFL roster cuts and the Buffalo Bills paring down their roster from 80 players to 53, much of the discourse necessarily focuses on veteran players and the top of the depth chart. There are young faces at the back end of the depth chart, however, that are making waves - even if they're facing long odds to make the team. In our view, the Bills have three such players this year.

WR Kamar Aiken: An afterthought at the outset of camp thanks to the team's receiver depth, Aiken still impressed enough to see ample pre-season playing time - and capitalized with seven receptions for 97 yards. He's the type of big, playmaking receiver the team covets, and looks the part of an NFL-capable wideout.

OLB Robert Eddins: The subject of praise from Chan Gailey earlier this week, the undrafted free agent out of Ball State has consistently made plays during camp and pre-season action. There's enough pass-rushing upside here that some folks believe Eddins has a legitimate chance at making the team outright.

QB/S Josh Nesbitt: A former Gailey recruit at Georgia Tech, Nesbitt is the type of versatile player - in the mold of Brad Smith - that the team loves. Capable of operating the Wildcat as well as playing defensive back and special teams, Nesbitt can be viewed as a poor man's Smith - and may stick in that role.

Are there any young players that you'd add to this list, Bills fans?