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POLL: Should The Buffalo Bills Extend Fred Jackson's Contract?

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It's been a frustrating year for Buffalo Bills running back Fred Jackson. First, he was frustrated with his role in the offense; rumors that C.J. Spiller was the team's preferred runner have since been proven highly incorrect - Jackson has 35 carries to Spiller's nine through two games - but Bills coaches still had to talk Jackson down a bit.

It's also been a productive year for Jackson. Following two seasons in which he rushed for 1,989 yards, caught 586 yards' worth of passes and scored 11 touchdowns, Jackson is currently the NFL's leading rusher with 229 yards (at 6.5 yards per carry) and two more scores.

Now Jackson is frustrated - or annoyed, rather - by the Bills' perceived unwillingness to re-negotiate his contract. Not many NFL running backs get lucrative contract extensions when they've hit the age of 30, but Jackson's situation is unique, and he's clearly producing to the point where it's not unreasonable for him to make this type of request. Jackson has two years remaining on a four-year, $7.5 million contract he signed prior to the 2009 season, when he was still a change-of-pace back to Marshawn Lynch.

Our question to you: should a Jackson contract extension be something that the Bills should be open to?