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Buffalo Bills Boldest Fan: "Pinto Ron"

Last week, we asked the readers of Buffalo Rumblings to submit nominations for the boldest fans of the Buffalo Bills. We asked for one nomination from the general population of Bills fans, as well as one that frequents our community here at Rumblings.

Tonight, we present to you the boldest Bills fan from the entire fan base, in our estimation: his name is Ken Johnson, but y'all know him better as "Pinto Ron," and his story is well-known and certainly bold.

A beat-up red 1980 Pinto. Petrified food in his trunk. Bizarre cooking implements on the hood of his car. Bowling ball shots and unorthodox methods of applying condiments to grilled meats. An incredible games-attended streak. The vast majority of you know Pinto Ron's story well; if you don't, catch up with this.

Last year, the NFL intervened with Pinto Ron's party by ensuring that he'd no longer be able to serve bowling ball shots. Johnson was set to move his tailgating parties - an institution in Orchard Park - to a different game-day location before the Bills intervened. While the dust-up was in process, other Bills fans started petitions against the NFL to keep Johnson in his lot.

There are Bills fans, there are crazed Bills fans, and then there is Ken Johnson. We salute you, Pinto Ron.