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College Football Week 4 Open Thread

This time last year, when the Buffalo Bills were winless and in serious competition for the top overall pick in the 2011 NFL Draft, we used Saturdays to do a little couch scouting in preparation for an off-season's worth of discussions about that pick.

Quite frankly, that was a depressing thing to do, but it helped us survive the Bills' brutal 0-8 start. Today, the 2011 Bills are 2-0, and it's been obvious for a while that they'd be a better football team than they were in 2010. We don't know where the ride will take us this year, but to this point, it hasn't required re-visiting that depressing couch scouting phase we went through a year ago.

As such, the weekly college football and scouting threads had fallen out of our Saturday posting rotation. By popular demand, it's returning today, and will be here for the rest of the season - albeit not nearly as fleshed out as it was a year ago. Use this thread to discuss today's games - there are three really good ones - and use this as a game day primer.