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Web Rumblings: Buffalo Bills Links, 9/26

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Bills 21-point comeback ends Pats streak at 15 -
"Best one of my career," said Chris Kelsay of the victory. "Regardless if it’s Week 3 or the last game of the season, I’ve never been to the postseason. I’ve played on Monday night, played a close one against Dallas where we came up short. I’ve played these guys 17 times and only won one until (Sunday), so it’s awesome. Anytime you can beat a great team like that and a great coaching staff like that you’re going to enjoy it."

Ryan Fitzpatrick, Buffalo Bills upset Tom Brady, New Patriots to sit at 3-0 - Don Banks
"No way, no how would the Buffalo Bills have ever won this game last season. But because of last season, when the heartbreaking, narrow loss was the Bills' specialty, Buffalo learned the kind of resiliency in the face of adversity that proved to be essential to its corner-turning 34-31 comeback win over New England Sunday at Ralph Wilson Stadium."

Bill Belichick Postgame Press Conference Transcript -
"Patriots head coach Bill Belichick addresses the media during his postgame press conference at Ralph Wilson Stadium on Sunday, September 25, 2011."

Bills end 15-game losing streak to Patriots -
"The Buffalo Bills ended a 15-game losing streak to the Patriots with a big play from Fred Jackson and a 28-yard field goal."

Chan Gailey Postgame Press Conference -
"The Bills head coach talks about the thrilling 34-31 win over the Patriots to improve Buffalo's record to 3-0."

Ryan Fitzpatrick Postgame Press Conference -
"The Bills quarterback talks about ending Buffalo's 15 game losing streak to New England with a 34-31 win on Sunday. "

Bills Roundup: Another Comeback Ends the Streak -
"The Bills defense came up with four interceptions, and the offense was able to bring the team back from a 21 point deficit, as the Bills put an end to the 15 game losing streak to the Patriots with a 34-31 win."

Inside The Bills | Fitz least sacked of starting QBs
"Through Sunday’s games, of the starting quarterbacks in the NFL, Ryan Fitzpatrick was the least sacked in the league. With three games played Fitz has been taken down by an opponent just once this season in Week 1 at Kansas City."

Inside The Bills | Bills last AFC unbeaten
"The Buffalo Bills are officially the last unbeaten team in the AFC."

Inside The Bills | Longest streak now Buffalo’s
"The Patriots’ 15-game streak was the longest current active streak in the league, until it was broken Sunday in Buffalo’s 34-31 win over New England. The longest one is now Buffalo’s current win streak over the Cincinnati Bengals."

Inside The Bills | Only Brady’s 6th 4-INT game
"Sunday marked only the sixth time in his career that Tom Brady has thrown four interceptions in a game. Here’s the list, which includes the 2003 opener when Buffalo posted a 31-0 win over the Patriots courtesy of STATSPASS."

Inside The Bills | Aaron Williams update
"He’s getting tests right now," said Gailey. "I don’t think it’s serious, serious. That’s a bad term but I don’t think it’s something that’s going to keep him from playing the rest of the year."

Bills bury the past by stunning Patriots - The Buffalo News
"It's time for those past Buffalo Bill memories to fade away," Florence said. "This is a new era, a new day. ... Everybody outside of this room is calling this an upset, but in this locker room, this is what we expected."

Unbelievable feeling reaches all way to Detroit - Jerry Sullivan
"The only way it could have been better, I suppose, was if Ralph Wilson had been there. After wins like this one, the Bills' owner would typically stroll into the home locker room and make his way from player to player, stopping to shake hands and smiling like a proud father."

Biggest shock was Brady throwing four interceptions - Mike Harrington
"The shock was palpable after the Bills' 34-31 win. From Bills fans, who were gleeful but still probably couldn't believe it. And from the Patriots, who tried to put on a happy face even when every inquisitor knew otherwise. But for all the craziness we saw on The Ralph's best day since the Super Bowl years, there's this: Tom Brady threw four interceptions. Yes, four."

Report Card: Bills 34, Patriots 31 - The Buffalo News
The Buffalo News gives the Bills high marks and the Patriots, not so much.

Week Three: Bills 34, Patriots 31 : The Buffalo News
Photos from before, during, and after Buffalo's big win.

Taking deep breath, Lindell seals the deal - The Buffalo News
"They're all big to me because you're trying to keep a job," Lindell said. "Once I get out there and I look at [Brian Moorman's] fingers, it's kind of calming."

Bills' secondary redeems itself in a major way - The Buffalo News
"But it's the previously maligned defensive backfield that intercepted New England's Tom Brady four times on Sunday, the same seemingly unconquerable Brady who was picked off just four times all of last season."

Quarter by Quarter: Bills-Patriots - The Buffalo News
A quarter-by-quarter breakdown of Buffalo's come-from-behind win over New England.

Audio from the Bills' locker room - The Buffalo News
"There were plenty of smiles in the locker room today after Buffalo finally exorcised its New England demons. Here are several audio clips from the Bills at Ralph Wilson Stadium."

Audio from the Patriots side - The Buffalo News
"Hat tip to News Sports Reporter Mike Harrington, who was covering the Patriots' side of today's 34-31 Bills' win, and provided the following audio clips."

Referee's explanation of Patriots' timeout - The Buffalo News
"He asked me when the clock was going to start. I said as soon as I was done with the explanation with him that I was going to go out on the field and start the clock. He stayed down there. I didn't understand exactly why he stayed down there. I went back over there and he said he wanted a timeout. So I gave him his second charged timeout."

Buffalo Bills shock New England Patriots | Democrat and Chronicle
"Despite spotting Tom Brady and the New England Patriots a 21-0 lead in the first 24 minutes, the Bills rallied for a hard-to-believe 34-31 victory in front of 68,174 fans this afternoon at Ralph Wilson Stadium."

Buffalo Bills: Sal's Six Points, answered | Democrat and Chronicle
"Here are the answers to the six questions Sal Maiorana asked of the Bills before their win over the Patriots."

Buffalo Bills are Beast of AFC East | Democrat and Chronicle
"The Patriots are the team, you have to go through them, and it reminds me of back in the '90s when everybody said that about the Bills," Kelly said, emphasizing in that super-sized Kelly way the word "Bills." "This was something not only the players needed to build confidence, but the fans needed this," said Kelly, a proud alum who is among the biggest fans this team has. "This is something the city has needed for a while."

Buffalo Bills Report Card | Democrat and Chronicle
"Leo Roth grades the Buffalo Bills, position-by-position, following their win on Sunday over the New England Patriots." Coaching only gets an 8?

Buffalo Bills' success boosts area morale | Democrat and Chronicle
"Of course this gives me something to cheer about. I look forward to my Sundays, especially when the Bills are winning," said Florika Dedes of Webster after watching the game at Nathaniel's Pub in Corn Hill. "When your team is winning, it boosts your morale. When my team is winning and Monday comes around, you are smiling bigger."

Video: Wrapping up Patriots-Bills - AFC East Blog - ESPN
" AFC East blogger James Walker and's Chris Forsberg join Mike Reiss to put Sunday's Patriots-Bills game in perspective."

Football is back in Buffalo - AFC East Blog - ESPN
"Fans were jumping and hugging each other following Buffalo's 34-31 upset win over the New England Patriots, the Bills' first win over New England since 2003. Chants of 'Let's go Buffalo' and '3-and-0' could be heard throughout the stadium."

Rapid Reaction: Bills 34, Patriots 31 - AFC East Blog - ESPN
"The Bills confirmed they are legitimate contenders in the AFC East. They beat a New England team many feel is a Super Bowl favorite -- and did it in dramatic fashion."

Reaction: Bills 34 - Patriots 31 - WGR 550
"It doesn't matter that the Patriots scored to tie up the game late. Just like the Kansas City and Oakland games, when push comes to shove, this team embraces and trusts one another so much that they know they can put away the game for a win. Having that mentality is half the battle. This team is for real, folks. 3-0, and it's a different 3-0 than it was in 2008."

HAMILTON: Gailey And His Team Has Arrived - WGR 550
"I'm not going to lie to you. When the Patriots went up 21-0 in the second quarter I thought there was zero chance the Bills would come back and win. Yes, they came back from 21-3 last week, but that was against Oakland. This is Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. This is the team Buffalo has lost 15 straight games to, there's just no way they're coming back to win."

Bills bring it, intercept Brady four times in upset of Patriots | ProFootballTalk
"The Patriots jumped out to an early 21-0 lead, and sports columnists across the country prepared to write, 'Same old Patriots, same old Bills.' But Buffalo hung tough, led by quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick, who completed 27 of 40 passes for 369 yards, with two touchdowns and two interceptions."

X-rays negative on Aaron Williams | ProFootballTalk
"Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the injury affected the chest/shoulder area of Williams. The source says X-rays were negative."

Week Three Monday 10-pack | ProFootballTalk
The Bills are mentioned several times and not in that flattering of a light.

Good times never felt so good - Niagara Gazette
"This one though... this one was different. For the first time in my career, I had a hard time staying emotionally detached. The old feelings were percolating under my skin. Not because of what transpired, but because of where it went down. I may not be a fan anymore, but I empathized with everyone at The Ralph...."

Chalk up a win for Bills secondary - Tonawanda News
"Tom Brady threw only four interceptions last season to go along with 36 touchdown passes — the highest ratio in league history. Sunday, the Buffalo Bills reached that mark in 60 minutes of football, and were able to capitalize on all four of them in their dramatic 34-31 win over the New England Patriots."

Bills’ secondary bounces back with four interceptions - Dunkirk Observer
"We had to bounce back from last week's performance," Bills safety George Wilson said. "We gave up a lot of big plays last week. We were able to overcome those mistakes. This week, we knew we had to play extremely well. Tom Brady, in my opinion, is the elite quarterback in this league. You have to get pressure on him and make a play when you get an opportunity. We were able to get that done today."

Bills rally to stun Patriots - Wellsville Daily Reporter
"I was so pleased they made that ruling," said Buffalo head coach Chan Gailey. "I want to score, don't get me wrong, but I didn't want them to have the ball back, I knew that."

Fitzpatrick proves he's good enough to win | Times-News
"Well, guess what? Maybe he's already here. Maybe it's time to start calling Ryan Fitzpatrick what he appears to be: The Bills' quarterback for now, and for the foreseeable future."

CANOE -- SLAM! Sports - NFL - Buffalo Bills: Believe it!
"We’re playing in a blue-collar city and we look at ourselves like a blue-collar football," Wilson, the Bills safety, said. "They always come out and support us in the past few years when we haven’t played so well.

CANOE -- SLAM! Sports - NFL - Bills win a long time coming
"I'm one of four guys left here from that (last win), so I went to coach Gailey after the game and said: 'I'm not a guy to ask for much, but that 24-hour rule, I might have to ask for a couple of more hours,'" Kelsay said.

CANOE -- SLAM! Sports - NFL - Rough finish for Brady
"It's football, it's a few plays here, a few plays there," Brady said following a shocking 34-31 loss to the Buffalo Bills at Ralph Wilson Stadium. "You've got to play for 60 minutes, keep your foot on the gas pedal and play mistake-free."

Monday morning QB: Never underestimate power of Bills -
"The Bills didn’t want to score. The Patriots were more than willing to let them so they’d get the ball back in plenty of time and, I tell you, if that Rian Lindell guy had missed that field goal, he might have supplanted Scott Norwood as the most hated man in Bills history."

The unthinkable becomes thinkable for Bills - The Globe and Mail
Van Miller called the final kick in the press box, even without a mike in front of him.

Bills pick great time to turn tables -
"It’s kind of like a boxing match," said Scott, whose interception of Brady set up a Rian Lindell 42-yard field goal just before halftime. "A great boxer is going to get his punches in. He’s going to get his licks in. But you’ve got to take it; you’ve got to keep standing, and you’ve got to fight back."

Fred Jackson turns big hole into a big play -
Several players from both sides talk about Freddy's game-clinching play.

Bills proving that AFC East is a three-team race | The Providence Journal
"The postseason is a long way away, of course. But what looked like a two-team fight between the Pats and the New York Jets for AFC East supremacy just a few weeks ago now will be clearly much more competitive."

Bills Exploit Hole in Patriots' Defense During Game-Deciding Play -
"The way they play, the way they blitz to empty [formations], it was something [Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick] and I saw. Anytime we line up out there and we point away from a linebacker, this one over here blitzes and leaves that gap open."

Bills Postgame Quotes - 9/25/2011 -
"Buffalo Bills players comment on their regular season game against the New England Patriots from Ralph Wilson Stadium on Sunday, September 25, 2011."

Bills erase 21-point deficit to shock turnover-prone Patriots | The Providence Journal
"They made some good plays on the ball," Brady said of the four interceptions that directly led to 24 Buffalo points. "Some days the ball gets batted up in the air and it goes your way and some days it doesn’t. That’s part of the game. It’s the way the ball bounces. That’s football."

Buzz in Buffalo as Bills fans rejoice after rare victory over Patriots - NY Daily News
"Remember that 2,940 number? Now it represents the over/under on how many Bills fans will be calling in sick Monday due to the fact they are stinkin' hung over."

Bill Parcells' take on Bills-Patriots misses mark –
Before the New England Patriots played at the Buffalo Bills, ESPN's Bill Parcells on Sunday said he didn't see "how anybody in their right mind could decide to get in a shootout with Tom Brady. … That's a recipe for disaster."

Bills' Fitzpatrick is proving he's worth big dough in Buffalo - NFL - Football
"When I visited Buffalo this summer, I thought they would be the surprise team in the NFL. One of the areas that impressed me about them was their receiver corps. Players like Donald Jones, David Nelson -- both college free agents -- and waiver pick up Scott Chandler all impressed me on tape. We are seeing now what Buddy Nix and Chan Gaily saw in them when they traded Evans."

Howie Long - It's believing time for Buffalo - NFL News | FOX Sports on MSN
"It was a remarkable win by Buffalo. I'm blown away. I have to tell you, I didn’t see it coming."

Rochester Man Proposes During Bills Game -
"The Bills' victory wasn't the only highlight for two fans on Sunday. Jerome Brown proposed to girlfriend Kae-Kae Ocansey while watching the game at the Distillery on Mount Hope Ave."