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Buffalo Bills Top Football Outsiders' VOA Ratings

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For those of you unfamiliar with the work of Football Outsiders, the fact that the Buffalo Bills top FO's VOA ratings after three weeks may be a relatively meaningless statement to you. Trust us: this is a good thing. (What isn't with the Bills these days?)

In a nutshell, VOA - which stands for Value Over Average - is a percentage that demonstrates a team's performance overall, and then in specific situations, over the league average. Currently, Buffalo's offensive VOA is 51.5 percent, meaning that the offense is that much better than the league average offense. On the flip side, Buffalo's defensive VOA is 9.5 percent, meaning that they're that much worse than the league average defense.

FO's money stat is DVOA, which essentially takes VOA and adjusts it for the performance of opponents. DVOA hasn't been calculated yet, but given the high VOA ratings of New England (No. 5) and Oakland (No. 10), it's a safe bet that the Bills will rank highly when DVOA numbers are published. Add in the fact that Buffalo's playoff odds are soaring - again, per FO - and it's just more validation that the Bills may very well be for real.