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Bills vs. Bengals: Week 11, 2010 Film Review (Recap)

The Buffalo Bills will begin preparations for a Week 4 matchup with the Cincinnati Bengals today. We may as well get prepped too, right? Let's start this process by taking a look back at the game between these two teams last year - a 49-31 thriller that the Bills won at Paul Brown Stadium in Week 11.

Earlier this off-season, we re-watched several Bills games from the 2010 season, including this matchup. In case you missed it - or just want to review it again to get back up to speed - here's what we noticed from that game.

  • In the first half, the Bills made plenty of mistakes in falling behind 28-7, then 31-14. Eric Wood and Demetrius Bell, in particular, really struggled.
  • The Bills outscored the Bengals 35-0 in the second half, taking advantage of Cincinnati's reserve safeties. Wood was injured; Kraig Urbik came in at right guard, and Wood didn't play that spot again for the Bills. Oh, and Stevie Johnson is really good at football.
  • We took a look at Wood's struggles with the spin move at right guard; insofar as this week's game goes, let it highlight the fact that the Bengals have a criminally underrated defensive line.
  • Prior to losing both starting safeties, Ryan Fitzpatrick threw three interceptions (one negated by penalty). Once the safeties went down, Chan Gailey went for the jugular.