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Buffalo Bills NFL Leaders In Pass Blocking Efficiency

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Here's something we're betting you didn't expect to be reading nearly a month into the 2011 NFL regular season: the Buffalo Bills are currently the league leaders in pass blocking efficiency, per the studious folks at

Nathan Jahnke reports that through three games, the Bills have allowed "quarterback disruptions" on just 12 of 197 plays. Indeed, starting quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick has been sacked just once, and the hits he's taken have been few and far between.

Just as impressive have been the running lanes opened up for Fred Jackson and the team's runners. Jackson is still averaging a scintillating 6.4 yards per rush, while change-of-pace back C.J. Spiller's average is 8.2. As a team, the Bills are averaging 5.6 yards per rush - and that data includes the several kneel-downs Fitzpatrick executed at the end of Week 3 to kill clock time against New England.

What has been more impressive about the offensive line this season, Bills fans: its pass blocking or its run blocking?