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Bills vs. Bengals: Buffalo Faces Another Tough Defensive Line

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In the week leading up to the Buffalo Bills' Week 2 game against the Oakland Raiders, that team's defensive line was described as the "heart and soul" of the outfit. Buffalo did a great job controlling that tough defensive front all day, and the Bills won 38-35.

This week's opponent has a similar build defensively - and quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick believes that the Cincinnati Bengals' defensive line provides a bigger challenge up front than the Raiders did.

"They've got a lot of guys that rotate in and out up front," Fitzpatrick said Wednesday. "Very good up front. Big. I think more so than the Raiders, which were the kind of shove you into the quarterback (type), these guys can really rush the passer, and you've seen that with the amount of sacks that they've been able to pick up throughout the first three games."

The Bengals currently have the NFL's No. 3-ranked defense, and they've sacked opposing quarterbacks nine times during their 1-2 start - in very tight ball games, no less. The strength of the unit lies in its depth; four different linemen have recorded sacks this season for Cincinnati (headlined by two each from Jonathan Fanene and Geno Atkins), while other key contributors like Robert Geathers, Carlos Dunlap and Pat Sims haven't gotten there yet.