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Buffalo Bills' Donald Jones Confirmed As Starting Receiver

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It was merely a formality at this point, but second-year receiver Donald Jones has confirmed that he will be the Buffalo Bills' starting wide receiver (next to Stevie Johnson, of course) in the team's season opener against the Kansas City Chiefs this weekend.

"I’ve definitely been told that I’ll be the ‘Z’ or number two receiver," Jones told "It wasn’t a shock. I kind of knew for a while, but nobody else knew."

Jones may not have thought anyone else knew, but given commentary from quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick this pre-season, this move was long foreseen. Even though some fans wanted (and still want) Marcus Easley to get some work with the starters, Jones will get the first crack at that spot.

The interesting part of this decision is how it affects Easley, a second-year player out of Connecticut. With the Bills only able to carry 46 active players on game days, they'll need to sit seven, and there may not be room for a sixth receiver. It's possible that Easley could go all the way from fan's choice at starter to game day inactive, given the presence of veteran Ruvell Martin, a player whose special teams abilities have been praised by Chan Gailey. We'll find out Sunday what Easley's role might be.