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Buffalo Bills HC Chan Gailey Approval Poll: September 2011

It's time for Buffalo Bills fans to state their pleasure, or lack thereof, with head coach Chan Gailey.

Rick Stewart - Getty Images

At the start of every month, we're going to poll the readers of Buffalo Rumblings on their state of mind regarding the chief decision-makers of the Buffalo Bills. This is your poll to state your pleasure, or lack thereof, with head coach Chan Gailey. Here are some stories Gailey has been heavily involved with over the last month.

  • Began playing second-year end Alex Carrington at outside linebacker, where he remains a backup to Chris Kelsay.
  • Unsatisfied with his line depth and performance, opened up competition at left guard and left tackle. Has settled on the status quo, at least for Week 1.
  • Delegated handling of a frustrated Fred Jackson to coordinator/running backs coach Curtis Modkins.
  • Has repeatedly and publicly sought better play from beleaguered backup quarterback Tyler Thigpen.
  • Guided the Bills to a 1-3 pre-season record, with the win coming in the "most important" third game over Jacksonville.
  • Prominent roster cuts included Naaman Roosevelt, Shawn Nelson, Ed Wang, Geoff Hangartner, Antonio Coleman and Reggie Corner.

Previous Five Approval Polls
89% approval March 2011 (3% disapproval)
91% approval April 2011 (2% disapproval)
92% approval May 2011 (1% disapproval)
89% approval June 2011 (2% disapproval)
82% approval August 2011 (4% disapproval)