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Green Bay Packers vs. New York Giants GameThread - NFL Divisional Playoff

In Week 13, the Green Bay Packers edged the on-the-cusp-of-playoff-elimination New York Giants 38-35 in one of the more entertaining regular season games of the year. Today, those teams will play each other once again for the right to meet the San Francisco 49ers in next week's NFC Championship Game.

The 15-1 Packers, playing at home and featuring likely league MVP Aaron Rodgers, seem fairly indomitable. Eli Manning and the surging Giants, however, know a thing or two about winning as playoff underdogs - and given how well they played Green Bay earlier this season, nothing is a given today. This has the makings of an absolutely fabulous football game.

The New England Patriots will play the Baltimore Ravens in next week's AFC Championship Game, and the 49ers await this game's winner. The NFL's final four is nearly set. Who does everyone like in this contest?