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2012 NFL Draft Order: Buffalo Bills Picking No. 10

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With the 2011 NFL regular season officially in the books, the 2012 NFL Draft order is set - and your Buffalo Bills will be picking No. 10 overall.

It's the third straight year that the Bills will pick in the Top 10. In 2010, the Bills drafted running back C.J. Spiller with the No. 9 overall pick, and a year later, they made defensive tackle Marcell Dareus the No. 3 overall pick. The last time the Bills held a Top 10 pick for three straight seasons? They actually picked that high for six straight years from 1968 through 1973; those picks yielded Haven Moses, O.J. Simpson, Al Cowlings, J.D. Hill, Walt Patulski and Paul Seymour.

At 6-10, the Bills were tied with two other teams (Carolina and Miami) in the standings, and that group sat behind seven teams with a worse record than that. Buffalo will pick behind both Carolina and Miami, however, due to a better strength of schedule.

Thus begins months of debate about which position the Bills will address with the pick, or which high-end prospect will miraculously fall into Buffalo's lap. Let the off-season begin!