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AFC Championship Game: Patriots vs. Ravens GameThread

Later this evening, we'll know the two teams set to square off in Super Bowl XLVI two weeks from today in Indianapolis. The first of the contestants will be settled in short order, as the New England Patriots are about to kick off against the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Championship Game.

The 14-3 Patriots are coming off a 45-10 drubbing of Denver in last week's divisional playoff, while the 13-4 Ravens struggled with a plucky Houston squad in winning 20-13 last weekend. The big stat everyone's talking about with this matchup: the Patriots have not beaten a team with a record above .500 all season (losing two such contests to Pittsburgh and the Giants), while the Ravens are now 7-1 in those games on the season.

Here's to an entertaining conference championship game! We're guessing that we'll know the answer to this question for the vast majority of you, but who is everyone rooting for today?