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In A Perfect World, Buffalo Bills Won't Be Fussy About Pass Rushers

It's been a day for discussing defensive alignments and pass-rushing personnel - and that wasn't planned, by the way - so I thought it'd be a good time to address another question I'm frequently asked by readers. (I was asked again this very afternoon, in fact.)

That question, in a nutshell: are the Buffalo Bills going to try to draft a 3-4 outside linebacker or a 4-3 defensive end to address their pass rush?

My answer to that question, every time, is this: in a beautiful future in which the Bills would have the luxury of making such a choice with their No. 10 pick, I firmly believe that Buddy Nix and crew would take the better player, then figure out the scheme from there. That's the only outcome that makes any degree of sense.

The Bills are pretty uniquely positioned right now in two ways: they have no pass-rushers, and they've got versatility at the top of the depth chart along the defensive line and at linebacker. As the old adage goes, beggars can't be choosers. If they're so lucky to get to choose between a solid pass-rushing linebacker and a solid pass-rushing end, they'd better take the better of the two prospects and figure the rest out from there.