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Evening Open Thread: Where Camaraderie Is Born

There's been a lot of on-blog discussion lately about the types of argumentative discussions we've been having, how Buffalo Rumblings is moderated and rules enforced, and how we can go about being more respectful toward each other within the context of heated, football-related discussions. No single partial sentence better summed up the true problem here - in my opinion - better than this opening blurb to a recent FanPost:

Obviously no one knows me too well on this site...

No. This site has expanded rapidly and widely in popularity over the past two years, and as the readership and commentariat grows, the less we know each other. That needs to change, because it's far more productive and rewarding to argue your case with someone you know and respect, as opposed to some random Internet username.

Therefore, during the off-season, we're going to run an open thread each weekday evening for folks to get to know each other a little better. Each open thread will ask you to answer one Bills-related question, and one non-controversial, non-confrontational off-topic question to get slightly more personal. These are meant to be harmless, to allow people to relax a little bit, and to establish a little camaraderie. Readers, moderators and editors all will be taking part in these from time to time.

There's no better time to start something than the present, so here we go! Your two questions for the evening:

Who is your favorite player in the history of the Buffalo Bills, and why?

What is your favorite memory, childhood or otherwise, from a live sporting event you took in?