Morning Joe! NFL Draft "Man Crushes"

Good morning Bills Fan and Happy Friday,

I hope the title don't offend anyone, but when I say "man crush" I don't mean it in the literal sense. I wanted to hear some of names that people are "crushing" over this upcoming draft. It doesn't have to be a guy in which you feel we will draft, but more so a guy you would love to have on our team. My wife teases me, because every year I get enamored with certain players. I watch numerous of videos and interviews and hope that some how my Bills can pick this guy. Here are some of my "crushes" over the past seasons:

So who are you "crushing" on Bills Nation? My 2012 "crush" is right below

My 2012 NFL draft crush is the man, the myth, the legend.....drum roll.....Vontaze Burfict. This 6'3'' 250lb MLB from Arizona State University was a first team All-American. He is a complete animal on the football field. Oh my, please if you haven't seen this guy or heard of him, please check out this youtube video . This guy is a complete mad man. Matt Hayes from the Sporting News labled him "The Meanest Man in College Football". I literally can watch videos of this guy all day. If you watch this video, and you don't say to yourself "oh my", you have no pulse. The very frist time I saw him play, my mouth was wide open in shock. I never seen anything like it. The level of violence he brings to the field is unmatched. When you look at the videos, he reminds me of a young Ray Lewis but with the Tazmanian Devil style of Troy Polamulu. He's the type of player that can bring a certain attitude and toughness to a defense, the way Harrison from the Steelers does.

The best thing about Bufict is that even though he's played MLB in college, some scouts can see him playing the WLB position in a 3-4 because of his speed and pass rushing ability. Uh oh! This might change a few mock drafts.

So am I the only one "crushing on him"? If so, tell me your "crush".

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