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Web Rumblings: Buffalo Bills News, 1/3

Matt Warren is Associate Director of NFL coverage for SB Nation and previously covered the Bills for Buffalo Rumblings for more than a decade.

Stevie Johnson Has A Lot To Think About - WGR 550
"When I wrote on my shirt last season, it was just a fine on myself and I didn't get a penalty but, for some reason, on Sunday the referees wanted to throw a penalty. Coach had to stick to what he said and he was forced to bench me. I have no bad feelings about being benched by Coach (Gailey), I just didn't understand the ref throwing a flag on me after not getting a flag last year."

Dave Wannstedt on Being Named Def. Coordinator -
The new Bills defensive coordinator talks with the assembled media at Ralph Wilson Stadium.

Bills Focus: Wannstedt Takes Over Defense -
Chris Brown wraps up the big news of the day with clips from Wannstedt and head coach Chan Gailey.

Wannstedt is new Defensive Coordinator
Wannstedt named new DC; Edwards relieved of duties -

"Now many of you and people out there will speculate that this was set up way back, and that is the furthest thing from the truth," insisted Gailey. "He was hired to help me to help the defense and that’s what he did all year. It just got to the point where I felt like we needed a change and so we made the change."

Inside The Bills | Kelsay on possible scheme change
"It’s a production based business and if you aren’t winning guys aren’t going to be around. They know that and we know that and so we’re going to do everything we can to win football games and if that means different players, different coaches I know that management is going to make the right decisions."

Wannstedt takes over the Bills' defense - The Buffalo News
"We're in the production business, that's the bottom line," Gailey said. "We need to get better production. George is an extremely smart guy but it's not all him, as it never is. We lost some good players and that's tough on anybody. But when you think you need to head in a different direction, you have to do what you have to do."

Buffalo Bills name Dave Wannstedt defensive coordinator | Democrat and Chronicle
"I'm looking forward to rolling up my sleeves and finding ways we can improve and move forward," said Wannstedt, a 17-year veteran of the NFL coaching ranks and a well respected defensive mind.

Bills Fire George Edwards; Wannstedt Named New DC - WGR 550
"Everything has happened obviously very fast from our game yesterday and the emotions of the season to be quite honest with you," said the new defensive coordinator. "I’ve done this for a long time and we’re kind of at the stage now where you sit back and evaluate things.

Bills fire DC George Edwards - AFC East Blog - ESPN
"Buffalo's defense struggled consistently throughout the season. The Bills (6-10) finished 28th against the run and 19th against the pass. They also were 30th in points allowed. "

Stevie Johnson Celebration Fall-Out and Future
Inside The Bills | Fred on Stevie’s TD display

"With respect to Jackson’s personal conversation with Stevie, Jackson said Johnson told him he wished he could take it back."

Fitz campaigns for Johnson to return - The Buffalo News
"I don't know what's going to happen and obviously I'm not a decision maker. I'm not going to be involved in that process. I know that they know I want him back. He knows I want him back. He wants to be here. We'll see how it turns out. But I'm a better player with Stevie on my team. I feel he's a better player with me as his quarterback."

Questions About Stevie Linger as Bills Clean Out Lockers | Buffalo News Video
"Will the Bills keep star wide receiver Stevie Johnson? Will the team apply the franchise tag to him? Mark Gaughan and Rodney McKissic look at Johnson’s future."

Gailey on Stevie - The Buffalo News
Would Chan Gailey want Stevie Johnson back? "Yes. And with stipulations. I mean, you love what Stevie does on the field before he scores touchdowns. So you just have to decide if he can and we can get that under control."

Buffalo Bills mull over future of receiver Stevie Johnson | Democrat and Chronicle
"You love what Stevie does on the field — before he scores touchdowns," said Gailey, who benched Johnson for the final three quarters of Sunday's season-ending 49-21 loss to New England after Johnson drew a 15-yard penalty for excessive end zone celebrating, his second such penalty of the season. "(For us) you just have to decide if he — and we — can get that under control."

Seven-step drop: Jets' chemistry issues - AFC East Blog - ESPN
"Receiver Steve Johnson's decision to cost the Bills another 15 yards with a celebration penalty shows he’s not learning from his mistakes. "

Big fine could be coming for Stevie Johnson | ProFootballTalk
"Last year, Johnson was fined $5,000 for his handwritten "why so serious?" message on his undershirt. Earlier this season, Johnson drew a $10,000 fine for his Plaxico/Santonio homage, which included Johnson pretending to shoot himself in the leg and then falling to the ground after pretending to soar like a Jet."

Steve Johnson's TD Celebration Earns Game-Turning Benching -
"I got tired of it the first time it happened, but you hope people learn from situations," Gailey said. "You know, there isn't anybody who hasn't made mistakes, but you've got to learn from your mistakes. And everybody falls in that category, me too. And I have said this a hundred times -- [Johnson] is not a bad guy. He's not. He's a good guy, but he uses some bad judgment at times, and if you do that enough and it hurts the team, you've got to do something."

Bills wide receiver Stevie Johnson explains celebration penalty |
"Well, what we said after we had an issue earlier in the season was if anybody got a penalty that hurt our football team for any kind of demonstration, that he was out that game and then we would decide about the next game," he said. "And so, if I say that, then I am going to do it, so he was out."

Unhappy response to Johnson's greeting - The Sun Chronicle
"That was the reverberation in the Bills' locker room, that Johnson's penalty was detrimental to his teammates. A quick glance at the play-by-play proves that untrue, as the Patriots went three-and-out on the next drive despite starting at their own 39, earning minus-8 yards in the process. Buffalo got the ball back and marched 82 yards to a 21-0 lead, showing no ill-effects from the Johnson blunder."

CANOE -- SLAM! Sports - NFL - Dumb move, Johnson
"Is Stevie Johnson a complete knucklehead or what?"

More Bills News
Buddy Nix Meets the Media -

The Bills' General Manager lays out his plan for the next week.

Ryan Fitzpatrick Locker Cleanout Interview -
Speaking at his locker, Ryan Fitzpatrick talks about the season and looks ahead.

Inside The Bills | Bell dodges bullet
"I tore my meniscus," Bell said. "It wasn’t anything major. I had surgery and I’m back walking around and rehabbing. In three or four weeks I’ll be 100 percent so that’s a good thing. It’s just a setback for me. I just got kicked in the leg from the side when I was locked out."

Inside The Bills | Chandler to have MRI
"I’m a little sore so we’ll find out what it is," said Chandler. "We don’t think it will require surgery so that’s good."

Inside The Bills | Nix’s schedule this week
"Bills GM Buddy Nix spoke briefly on Monday advising the WNY media that he’ll be commenting on anything and everything in a week. He’s reserving comment now because he has a lot of people he needs to meet with and speak to over the next week. Here’s how his schedule lays out."

Inside The Bills | Urbik surgery goes well
"Everything came out great," he said. "It was not as bad as they thought it was. Recovery time is going to be a lot quicker. So about three weeks."

Bell, Chandler injuries aren't too serious - The Buffalo News
Mark Gaughan recaps a big day from One Bills Drive.

Bell: 'This is all I know' - The Buffalo News
"This is home for me, this is all I know,’’ said Bell, who just completed his fourth season in Buffalo. "I would definitely love to be back here but it depends how everything will work out. … I’m just waiting on them to talk to me, no one has said anything to me so I really don’t know.’’

Monday Morning QB chat with Tim Graham - The Buffalo News
Tim Graham talks about the game that was. Check out the chat transcript.

97 Rock won't carry Bills games - The Buffalo News
"After a lengthy negotiation process, we withdrew from the bid process with the team," Chet Osadchey, vice president and general manager of Cumulus Media, said in a written release.

Buffalo Bills Replay: Are Bills better than they were a year ago? | Democrat and Chronicle
"The Buffalo Bills improved greatly on offense in 2011, but the defense is another story."

Immediate Reactions: New England 49, Buffalo 21 | THE BEST OF NICK MENDOLA LIVE
"Fact of the matter is I think the rule is a silly one. Johnson can’t write on his undershirt but Aaron Hernandez can show up the Bills defense with a goose-step into the end zone and Sterling Moore (?!?) celebrated his pick-six for approximately two hours. He may have been recreating "Fantasia.""