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2012 NFL Draft: Brandon Weeden's Stock Is Rising

There is a rather large contingent of Buffalo Bills fans that, despite the long odds, are desperately clinging to the hope that their favorite team will draft a "franchise quarterback" with the No. 10 overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft - or, at minimum, a developmental quarterback prospect somewhere. One name that group of fans (and everyone, really) should be paying attention to: Brandon Weeden of Oklahoma State.

Weeden's had a good college career and a better week at the 2012 Senior Bowl. In his last two years in the Big 12, Weeden completed 69.8 percent of his passes for 9,004 yards with 71 touchdowns and 26 interceptions. In Mobile, Weeden made a strong on-field impression with Mike Mayock, the go-to guy for pre-draft prospect talk, and also in meeting rooms with teams. As Peter King points out, Weeden's is perhaps the most compelling pre-draft story to follow this spring.

Why, you ask? Simple: the former pro baseball prospect will turn 29 years old in October of his rookie season.

Ryan Fitzpatrick will be 30 in November; Tyler Thigpen turns 28 in April. Weeden would fit comfortably between them age-wise. Set aside Fitzpatrick's contract and focus on Buffalo's second-round pick; would you be OK with the Bills taking a polished, productive quarterback prospect like Weeden, even at his current age?