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Addressing The "Buddy Nix Is Retiring" Rumor

The website is reporting, citing a source, that Buffalo Bills GM Buddy Nix has announced plans internally to retire following the 2012 NFL Draft in April. The report goes on to say that when Nix steps down, he'll hand over organizational control to current Assistant GM Doug Whaley.

Understand now, folks, that unless this is corroborated by a heavy hitter - and by heavy hitter, we mean a reputable news source - this is just a rumor. But considering the fact that we speculated this very thing two weeks ago (and we were hardly the first to do so), if this were to come to fruition, it would hardly be surprising. Our speculation was based on a few other speculative reports, however, so we've got some sort of Inception style of speculation going on; it's probably best not to buy into the hype just yet.

For now, the Bills are adamant that Buddy isn't going anywhere. In fact, those were Bills CEO Russ Brandon's exact words just this morning: "Buddy isn't going anywhere."

Assume what you want, Bills fans. Nothing is going to change for close to five months, at a bare minimum, and perhaps for much longer if Brandon is to be believed. In that time, we're going to witness an entire off-season of player acquisitions and key personnel decisions. If this comes back up again, so be it - but don't let it distract from what's really important this winter and spring.