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Buffalo Rumblings Podcast: We Need Your Bills/Pats Input

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In the next episode of the Buffalo Rumblings Podcast, we're looking for fan input on the turning point of the Buffalo Bills' 52-28 loss to the New England Patriots, as well as game balls on offense and defense (ha!).

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Matt Warren and Brendan Harrington plan on sitting down this evening to discuss the Buffalo Bills' 52-28 loss to the New England Patriots on Sunday. I'm sure it will be a joyous occasion for both parties.

As always, we're looking for reader input on three specific topics in advance of tonight's recording; we'll mention the best replies by name on the podcast:

  • Turning point of the debacle
  • Game ball on offense
  • Game ball on defense, for those of you with blood-red-rosy glasses

Matt and Brendan will also be breaking down the various other story lines coming out of the game, including the team's horrible defense, the injuries along the offensive line, and their horrible performances in division games. You're welcome to comment on any of those topics for inclusion in the podcast, as well as make your own suggestions for topics of conversation. Matt and Brendan are doing the talking, but this is a community endeavor; we'll cover what you think is important.

If all goes according to plan, look for the podcast to be posted here sometime Tuesday.