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NFL Week 6: Early Games Open Thread

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The Buffalo Bills discuss this week's early games and the team's blue pants before kickoff against the Arizona Cardinals.

While we wait for this afternoon's game between the Buffalo Bills and the Arizona Cardinals, here's an open thread for y'all to use if you're interested in discussing the early games (and, by extension, your fantasy teams, of course). I've only got one game on up here in Western New York, but at least it's got the look of an entertaining one: Baltimore versus Dallas. What's everyone else watching?

Also, if all you want to think about is the Bills, then how about this as a starting point: Buffalo will be wearing blue pants today for the first time since 1984 (pictured above). The team revealed the new look on Twitter within the past hour; the blue pants will pair with the white road uniforms for a look that many called for when the "official" uniforms were unveiled last summer. What does everyone think? Speaking personally, I was a blue pant advocate all along. I am sufficiently distracted from the Bills on the field until kickoff!