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Bills 9, Cardinals 3 After C.J. Spiller Touchdown Run

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Set up by a nice free kick return from Leodis McKelvin following a safety, the Buffalo Bills have taken a 9-3 lead over the Arizona Cardinals thanks to a 10-yard touchdown run from C.J. Spiller.

Spiller made that 10-yard run look pretty routine, but it was anything but; the Bills caught Arizona off guard with a called draw play and Spiller only had one man to beat. He made free safety Kerry Rhodes look absolutely foolish before waltzing untouched into the end zone.

Buffalo may not have had the opportunity for that score without two key third-down conversions from Stevie Johnson. On the first, he beat safety Adrian Wilson for a conversion, and then got loose against Patrick Peterson on a slant for another new set of downs.

3:35 remains in the first quarter, and the Bills have scored nine straight points after spotting the Cardinals an early 3-0 lead (thanks to a Fred Jackson fumble).