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Cardinals 10, Bills 9 At Halftime: Go Away, Bad Fitz

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Buffalo Bills fans discuss the second half of today's game against the Arizona Cardinals live as the events unfold.

Norm Hall - Getty Images

Just imagine what this would look like if "Good Fitz" - the side of Ryan Fitzpatrick that Buffalo Bills fans know and love - had showed up rather than "Bad Fitz", his scattershot alter ego.

Buffalo trails the Arizona Cardinals 10-9 at halftime in Week 6, but if Buffalo's offense had showed up to play at all in the second quarter, they could be in much better shape than they currently are. Sadly, Fitzpatrick has been missing open receivers all day and has held the team back, completing 9-of-15 passes for a paltry 44 yards. That has largely wasted a tough 14-carry, 56-yard effort from the combination of C.J. Spiller and Fred Jackson.

The silver lining here - aside from the fact that they only trail by a point - is that Buffalo's defense isn't playing like the monstrosity they were in Weeks 4 and 5. Aside from one second-quarter drive aided by a well-timed no-huddle wrinkle, Buffalo's defense has played fairly well, sacking Kevin Kolb twice, recording a safety on a Chris Kelsay sack and keeping big plays to a minimum.

Alas, a Larry Fitzgerald second-quarter touchdown has the Cardinals out in front, and they get the ball first in the second half. Let's see if the Bills can't rectify their second-half woes this afternoon. Go Bills!