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Cardinals 13, Bills 9: Arizona Bleeding Away Clock On Buffalo

The Arizona Cardinals are slowly bleeding away the clock on the Buffalo Bills and have extended their third-quarter lead to 13-9 after a 12-play drive that took 6:18 to finish off despite gaining just 43 yards. Jay Feely kicked his second 49-yard field goal of the day to cap the drive off.

Arizona got two key third-down conversions on the drive to keep the clock running - one on a run from William Powell, and the second from Larry Fitzgerald on a short throw - and could have had a third had Andre Roberts not dropped a conversion pass after toasting Justin Rogers in coverage.

Buffalo's offense still has yet to get anything going since a first-quarter touchdown run from C.J. Spiller, and now just over 18 minutes remain in the football game. Ryan Fitzpatrick and the gang need to get things going, lest they lose a winnable game on a day when their defense actually came to play.