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Bills Lead Cardinals 16-13 After Fred Jackson Touchdown

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Remember that whole "hey, it'd be nice if the Buffalo Bills' offense showed up so they could actually look like they want to win a winnable game" theme going on today? Well, they finally did, with Fred Jackson plunging into the end zone from a yard out to cap off an 80-yard touchdown drive that took just five plays and less than three minutes off of the clock.

Stevie Johnson got the drive started with a 23-yard catch-and-run on a nice play design, and then C.J. Spiller carried twice for 40 yards - a seven-yard plunge up the middle followed by a beautiful 33-yard jaunt off of left tackle. After Wildcat quarterback Brad Smith rushed 16 yards down to Arizona's one-yard line, Jackson squirmed in to cap off the drive.

Buffalo now leads Arizona 16-13 with just 27 seconds remaining in the third quarter. Let's see if the Bills can take control of this game now that momentum is suddenly on their side.